Why should a couple invest in a day of wedding coordinator?

Peace of mind alone makes hiring an experienced day of wedding coordinator a wise investment. Our job as your day of wedding coordinator is to ensure all the planning the couple has done is executed just how they envisioned it. Day of coordinators can help out with creating your wedding day timeline and sharing it with your other vendors. A day of coordinator will help with setup of personal decor on your wedding day (i.e. menu cards, signage, center pieces, etc.) and ensuring the day runs smoothly. Your day of coordinator will also be the point of contact for your guests and vendors the day of your wedding. Day of coordinators are also skilled at putting out fires should they arise. Day of coordinators are great problem solvers and have the couples best interest in mind. Sometimes, when things do go slightly wrong, your day of coordinator will be able to fix the issue, likely before anyone even notices. Allow your day of coordinator to take the reins and run the show on your wedding day so you as the newlyweds, your family and friends can have a blast enjoying this special day!

Why hire a DOC vs using the venue coordinator?

Always ask the specifics of what your venue coordinator will (and will not) be doing for you the day of your wedding. Often times the venue coordinator is just that, a venue coordinator. They will oversee venue related items such as unlocking the doors, ensuring tables are set up, managing their venue employees, etc. Whereas a day of coordinator will oversee and take care of YOU. We are there just for you and your guests. Most venue coordinators are gone as soon as dinner is over. We on the otherhand stick around until the end. We will coordinate your grand entrance, ensure the newlyweds have meals at their table, assist with toasts and cake cutting, and be there with your bouquet for the toss, etc. 100% of our focus is on our couple and anticipating their every need.

What is the difference between a wedding planner and day of coordinator?

A wedding planner is someone that is there for you from the very beginning of your wedding planning process. A wedding planner will help you find your venue, help to hire all of your vendors, and help to make your wedding vision become reality. A full wedding planner charges thousands of dollars as they dedicate upwards of 50+ hours helping you to plan your wedding day from start to finish. A day of coordinator on the other hand is someone who comes for either the day of your wedding only, the day of wedding and rehearsal, or the weeks leading up to your wedding to handle the day-of wedding details and perfectly execute all of the pre planning you’ve poured your heart and soul into. Please take a look at my packages to see which option would work best for you.

What should engaged couples look for when choosing a day of wedding coordinator?

Of course you are going to look for someone with experience. While anyone can claim that they can be a day of wedding coordinator, there is much more to it than one might think. It can be a stressful (but very rewarding) job and you definitely want someone overseeing your big day that really knows what they’re doing. An experienced coordinator, such as myself, will be able to handle any wedding day speed bumps that may occur. You’ll also want to find a coordinator who’s personality and style clicks with yours. When you hire a wedding coordinator, that coordinator will be someone you rely on and trust to make your once in a lifetime day magical! Often times I become your best friend on your wedding day. I will be there to bustle your dress, get your bouquet, grab you drinks from the bar, and walk you out of the bridal suite and into position to walk down the aisle. Being a day of coordinator requires an excellent personality and a strong desire to help. I really love executing the perfect once in a lifetime day for my couples. Additional traits to look for is a coordinator with strong communication skills...I truly believe that communication is a key to success. You want a coordinator who will respond to your emails and/or phone calls quickly and be willing to invest their time into making your big day a huge success.

Why not just let my bridesmaid be my day of coordinator?

I’ve heard countless stories where couples don’t hire a day of coordinator to save money, and regret it after the fact. The bride, her mother, or one of her bridesmaids ends up playing the role of “day of coordinator” and has to take calls from vendors, shows vendors where to setup, has to help the DJ with timeline, and she ends up dealing with setup and teardown of all the decor. I’ve also heard stories where couples have hired a friend of a family member to do this and things don’t go as planned. A good example, let’s say you assign your maid of honor to be your day of coordinator. She wants to have a good time and ends up having a few cocktails before the ceremony along with the other bridesmaids. She's having a good time and forgets that she is the one running the show. Its a recipe for disaster. You, your friends, and family should be able to enjoy the day and not be working. Hire an experienced day of coordinator and focus on spending quality time with your spouse and invited guests!

What can you do to help our day run smooth?

The list of things I can, and will do is long. I will go out of my way to be sure my newlyweds have the time of their lives. I will create a timeline and stick to it. I will ensure vendors set up where they need to set up and be sure they adhere to their contracted obligations. I will deal with any issues that might come up. I will be sure all of your guests are seated when they need to be and where they are suppose to be. I will be your point of contact for anything you need on your wedding day. I will be the go between for your vendors and my wedding couple and venue. I will work with your DJ so we are on the same page when it comes time to walk the aisle and do the grand entrance. I will work with your photo/video team to make sure they are prepared for any key moments prior to the DJ announcement special dances and activities. I will be sure my couple always has a beverage in their hand and food on their table when they want it. I will handle all logistics during your wedding. Most importantly, I will be the bride and grooms best friend!

Is there anything you don't do as a day of wedding coordinator?

There isn't much I won't do as your day of wedding coordinator. I will jump through hoops to ensure you have the best day ever, and enjoy your wedding day as stress free as possible. Things I can't do include, running off-site errands. I don't take out trash for the venue. I don't mop or sweep up for the venue. I can't act as your bartender and mix you up drinks...I will however get you drinks from the bartender and make sure you always have a drink in your hand when you want one. I don't deliver meals for guests or bus tables after dinner, though I will ensure my newlyweds have food served to their sweatheart table. I am not a florist so I cant build your floral arrangements from a box of flowers, but I will help to ensure your arrangements look good and place them on tables as needed. That is really about it...there is not a whole lot I won't do to make sure my couple has a stress free and amazing day.

Still have questions?

If you have any other questions or would like to discuss booking me for your wedding or event, please do not hesitate to call, text, or email me anytime. Heather@EliteEventAZ.com I will respond to your message ASAP!

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